Package links for output: Illustrator collection script


You have the option to embed images into Adobe Illustrator or to link them. If you embed them, then your file will be large (a 500MB AI file is an everyday occurrence in my work). The other is to link to the image file, but if you hand the file off to another person, the linked images will not be stored with it. One option to is to have a central repository located on a network for images. All new images are placed there. This can sometimes be cumbersome not to have a copy of the image on your local machine–consider image manipulations and having to manage file versions centrally. This script solves the problem of collecting linked images for output. This script collects external image links into a single “Links” folder. You can then give that folder and the subsequent source file (AI) to another person and the external links will work.

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CSSsprite: Photoshop script combines two images for CSS hover

The need

Professional web developers have been aware of CSS sprites or CSS rollovers/hovers since 2004 (The rollover term is taken from JavaScript and the hover term is taken from CSS). They are the background graphics that change position based on mouse hover thus eliminating the need for JavaScript image swaps and image caching since the “mouse on” and “mouse off” are one image. I have been using sprites for years. It is a more tedious process than clicking Swap image on a DreamWeaver drop down menu, but it produces more accessible and more clean code. The most tedious part of creating CSS sprites for menu navigation is aligning the static (in-active) and hover (active) images. This script solves this problem by taking two images and merging them into one. I hope this increases your productivity and creates a more standards-compliant web.

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Flash: Old Flash Players for testing

It’s a little hard to find the download page for the archived players that were previously released by Macromedia. The address has changed due to Adobe buying them, too. Every release is available in a 15MB download.

Here is the current address for Archived Macromedia Flash Players.

–Stephen M. James